Toddler Program

Toddler Program

The Momentum Montessori Toddler program is designed to meet the needs of children 18 months to 2.5 years of age.

Our scaffold learning environment was built for young students to develop their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities in a loving preschool environment. The student-based learning approach will allow students to explore and discover with a variety of character development activities and academic lessons. Our Toddlers will be introduced to Music, Physical Literacy, Life skills, Art, French, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

While our Toddlers are developing their independence, parents will be provided a digital Daily Student Report, multiple messages including pictures and videos sent through Brightwheel’s smartphone technology, and happy to know their child has been provided healthy nutritious meals by award-winning catering company Real Food for Real Kids. The Toddler program runs Monday to Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm while offering free Early Drop-off and Late Pickup.

With a 1 to 5 Teacher to Student ratio, our Toddlers are always well supervised and for Toddlers in need for potty training, we offer that as well. The Momentum Montessori Toddler program is—The Smart Start to Success.

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