Our Team


ECE - Senior Preschool

For the past eight years, Samantha traveled around the world, which gave her the chance to meet many different people and cultures. 

She loves to share and engage with others and learn from them. That’s one of the reasons she loves being a teacher; she loves storytelling and kids love to listen!

She believes engaging with kids is a very important task, not just talking and playing with them, but encouraging them to interact and get in touch with their emotions. Understanding their needs is an essential element to becoming an educator, and through attentive care, she feels it’s possible to empathize with them. 

She says:

“To me, teaching is not just delivering knowledge, as I am learning from them at the same time. Learning what they need, what the most appropriate way is to approach them, how to deal with their emotions, and how to create a bonding between me and them.

I love being a teacher, and I enjoy having kids around me. I believe passion is the key to opening their hearts; Empathy is a bridge to connect their souls; Love is a way to nurture the kids, and playing is the most natural method for kids to learn.”