Our Team


Office Manager


(Currently on maternity leave)

Patricia started at Momentum as our Lead Kitchen Staff and assisting our Kindergarten teacher, being three years at Momentum an opportunity to grow came, so became our Office Manager. 

Working over the years at Momentum has given Patricia great knowledge on how childcare centres work. She has grown professionally and specialized herself. Graduate form Office Management in 2022, also child development courses, specialty behaviour and how does child learn. 

Patricia is from Brazil, fluent in Portuguese, English and currently learning French. She’s a Graduate from Brazil Nursing Aid program, moved to Canada to pursue an opportunity to commit herself as a health care worker in 2011. After moving here, she started a family and began to work as a caregiver while continuing to educate herself on how she can help children develop into the best version of themselves. 

Patricia says: “Momentum played a big role in my family’s life since my daughter started attending childcare here when she was just 3 years old. The school inspired me right from the start, and I remember thinking; “That’s the kind of environment I would love to work in!” Naturally, I’m very excited to call Momentum my workplace and be part of their team.”