Our Team


Kitchen Assistant

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and moved to Canada in 1993, Nasreen didn’t start her career in education right away. Instead, she started a family and has a wonderful family with three loving children herself. 

She began doing volunteer work at Providence Health Care Center from 2005 to 2009, as an art coordinator. Afterwards, she worked at a family physician’s office where she learned about patient confidentiality, organizing files, and how to provide a comfortable and clean work environment. 

Later she gained experience as a cook and learned an immense amount about detailed oriented work while developing the ability to multitask. Often communicating with team members and kitchen staff to ensure that food services would run efficiently. Storing food items and maintaining the highest level of sanitation and hygiene following the standards and guidelines. 

She has completed her BA Honors degree and Master’s degree from Dhaka University, Bangladesh in Bangla literature.

In her spare time Nasreen loves poetry, spending time with her family, writing and cooking.