About Us
Who We Are

Who We Are

Momentum Montessori is a preparatory school for families who wish to give their child the best opportunity to excel in the Ontario education system. We will not only meet the expectations required for students entering the public or private sector but offer a holistic approach to advanced learner comprehension and application for an evolving world.

At Momentum, we aspire to provide all of our students with a ‘smart start to success’. Our goal is to cultivate spirited independence, creative problem solving, academic success and heartfelt happiness and enthusiasm. We do this through the exploration of our community, languages, music, dance, movement and more. Every activity, outing, interaction (with students and parents) takes place with the goal of providing our students with a smart start to success.

We see each child as capable, curious and rich in potential – individuals with unique interests, culture, emerging capabilities and aspirations. Momentum instills a love of learning and a joy in living through proven teaching methods, innovative technology and a sincere passion for our work. 

Our Educators

Our incredible educators are dedicated professionals from all over the world, working together towards one goal: The health, happiness and success of your child. The diversity of our staff reflects the diversity of our program – multiple cultures, customs and languages are synergized, preparing students to think globally and act locally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create momentum in the lives of children, not only academically but also socially: building self-worth, empathy, authentic relationships, a global perspective and a fascination with learning – all in a safe, nurturing, fun and inspiring environment.  

Our Programs

Momentum Montessori offers a unique program that encompasses multiple learning styles and follows a curriculum that builds important life skills, artistic creation, athletic appreciation and academic excellence. We understand the importance of quality time with family and this is why we developed a program which also introduces its students to play the piano, swim, play soccer, tie shoelaces, and much more. 

At Momentum, we believe the Montessori Method is an excellent way to introduce learners to a wonderful life of learning but we also believe in honouring the traditional teaching strategies students will encounter once they graduate. This is why we incorporate multiple learning strategies in our lessons which prepares our students for a successful school career.

Momentum Montessori offers a secular education: Religion is not part of the curriculum, but all religions, traditions, beliefs and people are respected.

Momentum Montessori, The Smart Start to Success.