Momentum Montessori is excited to introduce Ms. Natalie.  Natalie has an array of educational talents developed from over 7 years of experience in the ECE field.  She continues to develop her knowledge and theoretical understanding for ECE by studying at George Brown College.  First Aid and Food Handling certifications, her positive attitude and warm personality is adored by everyone.  Natalie shines with her ability to implement theory into practice but she is also an award-winning athlete.  Promoting the importance of healthy active living and its connection to academic success, she will be another perfect role model for our students to see teamwork and leadership at its finest.  She is an all-star and we are happy she is on the Momentum Montessori team.

“I became an E.C.E because I feel like it is important at a young age to have a strong support system to help young minds grow. There is a sense of happiness and accomplishment knowing that I can and would be a part of that in a child’s life. I think it’s important for children to know that it’s fine to make mistakes and to learn from them. Every child is different, but that’s one of the many qualities I love about them!”