Momentum Montessori continues to develop its already stellar staff by introducing Jessica DeWit as a Teacher. With five years experience in education, Jess has worked internationally in the Philippines teaching English and General Studies to children. A Seneca College graduate in Social Services, Jess was a part of the together project in 2017; mentoring Syrian refugee families during their transition to Canadian culture. Her passion for education and working with children allow her to effectively motivate new learners to the joys of school. A natural ability to communicate with young learners allows Jess to create a positive classroom environment. Momentum Montessori is excited to have Jess join our team, and we look forward to the impact she’ll have on our students.


“I became an early childhood educator because I believe in the unique potential of young children when given a chance to learn as individuals. Being a caring educator, we hold the capacity to build a child’s resilience and truly make a difference in their life! I want to be the type of educator who a child will think back on and say, “that person really believed in me””