Early Childhood Educator

Before Ace joined Momentum Montessori in 2018, she was the Director of Circle Montessori Academy. Ace has a degree in Early Childhood Education obtained from Seneca College & a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Investigative Journalism. As a journalist Ace has known danger and the atrocities of war while working in the Gulf War, the prompted Ace to change career paths. Thus joining the Early Childhood Education field. Ace worked her way up to become Director before joining Momentum.
“I love this profession, I feel I am the consummate professional in my career. The children are our future & molding their minds, teaching them is a blessing in itself. Seeing kids grow in knowledge & being the best citizens possible. They learn friendship , sharing & having compassion for fellow humans. I have very much pride in my performance & abilities in the early learning field. Striving to be my best is my main goal & teaching other team members to be the best they can be. To me, nothing us out of reach or impossible. I like the motto “No problem, only solutions” because it can usually be found.The children are my priority & responsibility. Teaching children brings immense joy & satisfaction to myself. I hold the future run my hands. You never cease to learn, I learn each day along with the children in my care. Feeling less than your best is unacceptable because we can always strive to be better. I want others to see my performance and think to themselves. “She is really great at her profession & excelling myself to try to meet her very high standards of performance,” My satisfaction is when I see the finished product which is the children & and how much they have learned while under my tutelage.”