Realities of Childcare in Toronto ...

Realities of Childcare in Toronto – Waiting List and Fees Continue to Grow at Toronto Childcare Centres and Preschools

Parents want the best for their kids, but it’s not always that simple, especially when it comes to finding high-quality childcare in Toronto. For many families, the shortage of available spots has had them hopping onto multiple preschool waiting lists as soon as their children are born – there are even reports of parents signing onto wait lists as soon as they find out they are expecting!

Taking this proactive approach to securing a childcare space might sound promising, but in many cases families still find themselves scrambling to make arrangements as they prepare to head back to work after maternity or parental leave, or travelling well out of their way for drop-off and pick-up at a location that doesn’t work well with their daily commute. Some families even find themselves in the predicament of having two children in two different childcare centres.

In 2016, there were more than 17,000 families in Toronto waiting for childcare subsidy, and it was estimated that the number of families waiting for unsubsidized spots was even greater, though the city does not keep track of those figures. In the Toronto Star article where these details appeared, families were encouraged to “apply as soon as possible” for both spots and subsidies. According to CBC News article published Decemeber 2017, there is a 95 percent waitlist for families in Toronto.

Beyond the stress and uncertainty of waiting to find a spot, there’s the reality of the cost of childcare. A December 2017 Toronto Star article showed that Toronto continues to the most expensive city in the country for childcare for kids of all ages, according to a recent report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. And the costs continue to increase. “Childcare costs have risen 21 percent in Toronto during the past three years.” CBC News

Childcare fees for preschoolers have risen faster in the past three years in Toronto than anywhere else in the country. For many families, the cost of childcare outweighs their mortgage payment. Parents in Toronto pay more than anyone else in the country for infant care – care for children up to two years of age – with a median fee of $1,758 a month, or $21,096 a year.

Given the realities of finding good childcare, the costs should ideally feel like an investment in a child’s education, rather than solely an expense. Momentum Montessori understands that the first five years of a child’s life are vitally important for learning, developing social skills, empathy and other positive behaviours that will stay with them for life. It’s important for parents to feel confident that their children are in good hands, experiencing and learning as much as possible throughout their days.

Momentum Montessori creates a home-away-from-home environment, where inquiry-based learning and discovery guide our lessons, and students are nurtured and nourished, mind and body. Momentum Montessori programs include daily immersion in mathematics, reading and writing, with a focus on cultivating empathy and self-esteem. Momentum students learn in English, as well as French, Mandarin and Spanish. Days include physical education, use of SMART board technology and tablets, and fostering a love of the arts through singing, movement and instruments. Momentum Montessori embraces diversity, thinking globally and acting locally. Each day Momentum students enjoy meals and snacks prepared by Toronto catering company Real Food for Real Kids, with a promise of organic, non-GMO ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

Investing in preschool education at Momentum Montessori creates a strong foundation for future learning experiences.

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– Momentum Montessori is a private preschool located in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood, providing before and after school childcare. Our exceptional educational program embraces diversity, discovery and inquiry-based learning.