Gaining Momentum: The Smart Start to ...

Gaining Momentum: The Smart Start to Success

If you’re a parent, you’ve witnessed it: The wonderment of a child engaged in their environment.
Splashing in puddles brings absolute joy. Watching a spider spin a web elicits total centration. Discovering the sounds of musical instruments evokes creation. A child who is captivated by their world has questions and ideas and inspiration.

Remarkable learning takes place when we give children the space to explore and imagine. When Maria Montessori was developing her educational theory, she observed children’s natural ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings and essentially teach themselves many things people believed needed to be formally taught in order to be learned. In her own words: “Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences upon the environment.”

At Momentum Montessori, the opportunities for experiential learning are endless. Our students enjoy an environment filled with stimulating materials that they are encouraged to interact with at their leisure. Short, structured lessons to foster that interaction assist with comprehension and our multi-aged classrooms cultivate diverse socialization. This teaching style has been recognized all over the world as a successful way to prepare students with the life skills and confidence needed for adulthood.

Every child is unique, as is the way each child learns. It’s impossible to fit all kids into one teaching method. Momentum Montessori offers a unique program that encompasses multiple learning styles following a curriculum that builds important life skills, artistic creation, athletic appreciation, and academic excellence. Through technology-driven classrooms, with cross-curricular connections, and activity-based lessons, our students have a variety of opportunities to learn. We allow our students to explore information and discover the connection to their life and the importance of it for themselves.

We nurture the importance of sharing, caring, and accepting others. Our language classes encourage students to embrace diversity as they learn Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English. These full immersion classes introduce culture and music as well as language. Our incredible educators are dedicated professionals from all over the world working together towards one goal: The health, happiness, and success of our students. The diversity of our staff reflects the diversity of our program – multiple cultures, customs, and languages synergized towards building an educational program to prepare students to think globally and act locally.

When children are given the opportunity to be independently creative, they become the protagonists in their own stories. They see themselves in a new, empowering light that brightens not only their own learning experiences, but those of their peers as well. At Momentum Montessori, we encourage kids to see themselves as the exceptional people we know they are.