Canada Rugby League Visits Momentum M...

Canada Rugby League Visits Momentum Montessori

As the Canada Wolverines Rugby League team set to face off against Team USA at Lamport Stadium, they were invited to stop by our school to participate in a very special Physical Education class.

5 Canada Wolverines joined our students to teach them a few basics of the growing sport of Rugby League, which was the first time any of our students had heard of it. That didn’t stop our students from having a blast learning how to handle, kick, pass and run with the rugby ball. All the while, the Wolverines were simply outstanding in participating and teaching the importance of teamwork, a love for sport and a healthy / active lifestyle.

Watch the video!

Here’s what the team had to say about the event:

“The Canada Wolverines are dedicated to promoting the great sport of Rugby League and as part of our preparations leading up to our Colonial Cup clash with the USA, the Wolverines made it out to share our great sport with Toronto’s young ones! Thanks Momentum Montessori for having us!!! Here’s to our next generation of future team Canada Wolverines!”