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Curriculum & Students

Curriculum & Students


Our curriculum incorporates both Montessori philosophy and Ontario Ministry of Education standards, creating an engaging, invaluable and comprehensive program for all of our students. Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured, filled with purposeful and enriching activities that are designed to empower children to achieve. We surpass Ontario curriculum standards. 


All staff members at Momentum Montessori are encouraged to follow our learning program that is consistent with Maria Montessori’s ideas and the Ministry of Education policies, pedagogy and curriculum. The Ministry and Montessori documents referenced in our program include:

  • How Does Learning Happen?
  • Ontario Early Years Framework
  • Think Feel Act: Lessons from Research About Young Children
  • The Absorbent Mind – Maria Montessori
  • The Secret of Childhood – Maria Montessori
  • Education for A New World – Maria Montessori
  • Early Learning for Every Child Today

On top of our robust Montessori and Early Childhood program, Momentum Montessori offers enhancements such as Mandarin, French, Spanish, STEM, music and athletics. We believe children need to be challenged daily, at a level appropriate to the individual. The way this is integrated into the classroom is by employing a backwards scaffold curriculum plan which is designed by the Principal and modified by the classroom teachers based on the individual needs of each student. 


There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ model Momentum student. We see each child as capable, curious and rich in potential – individuals with unique interests, culture, emerging capabilities and aspirations. We encourage each student to explore the activities, subjects, talents and interests they naturally gravitate toward. For some students, that may be art, piano or dance and for others, it’s athletics, languages or sciences. 

We understand that each child is unique. Therefore, we offer a program that encompasses multiple learning styles and follows a curriculum that builds important life skills, artistic creation, athletic appreciation and academic excellence.

Our goal is to cultivate spirited independence, creative problem solving, academic success and heartfelt happiness and enthusiasm, with a curriculum that is, in part, student-directed.

Individual Achievement & Progress

Teachers fill in Student Achievement Stars for positive behaviour and provide affirmations for building self-worth, self-confidence and personal identity.

On regular classroom days, teachers complete a Daily Student Report for each student which identifies what was taught, the food ate, nap and rest time, check in/out and any incident reports which occurred during the day. Staff are also able to send videos and photos of all the fun and adventures happening around campus.

Keeping in mind the ages of children enrolled at Momentum, we do not grade work. However, we do incorporate the TDSB Kindergarten Expectations into our guidelines, along with the Ontario ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) milestone.

Instead, we include student self-assessments in our program, in collaboration with program standards and goals set by the Principal. To keep parents/guardians updated on their child’s progress, we provide assessment progress cards which are handed directly to the parents throughout the year. 

On regular classroom days, teachers complete a Daily Student Report for each student which identifies what was taught, the food ate, nap and rest time, check in/out and any incident reports which occurred during the day. Staff are also able to send videos and photos of all the fun and adventures happening around campus.

Momentum holds Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year to give families the chance to communicate with each other and their child’s teaching team. Momentum also hosts a Winter Concert for families to witness some of their child’s development within the classroom setting.


At Momentum Montessori we cultivate a supportive family atmosphere and a fun-filled learning environment. We believe in positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behaviour. We believe an affirming approach is more effective than resorting to a negative, or punitive, approach to scare or instill fear for inappropriate behaviour. 

Momentum uses progressive discipline: Strategies employed by staff include positive redirection, positive reinforcement, addressing the behaviour/action and encouraging the student to take responsibility. 

With a variety of student-based learning opportunities, our teachers guide students to enjoy the process of exploring and discovering the world around them. This is highlighted by our experiential learning program which takes students out of the classroom to explore the best attractions in Toronto.  


Momentum Montessori seeks out staff members who are passionate, caring, professional and experienced. We work with, and consult with, Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE), Accredited Montessori Teachers, Teacher Assistants and ECE placement students. 

Each class has, at minimum, one RECE or staff otherwise approved by the Ministry of Education. Each RECE teacher has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and is a member in good standing with the College of Early Childhood Educators. All teachers have an understanding and knowledge of the Childcare Early Years Act requirements, child development theories and the Montessori philosophy.     

Momentum Montessori understands the benefits of professional development and continued education and therefore encourages and supports opportunities for staff to develop, grow and learn through workshops, conferences, courses and seminars.

Teaching Assistants

Momentum Montessori welcomes placement students and volunteers into their programs. These team members play an important role in supporting staff in the daily operation of child care programs. 

Momentum strictly fulfills the obligations set out under Ontario Regulation 137/15 for policies and procedures related to placement students and volunteers at child care centers:

  • Placement students and volunteers are always supervised by an employee and never permitted to be alone with any child or group of children
  • Placement students and volunteers are never included in student-to-staff ratios
  • A vulnerable sector check (VSC) and annual offence declarations are on file for all placement students and/or volunteers

Momentum Montessori always seeks out team members who are passionate, caring, professional and experienced. All staff, placement students and volunteers work together, sharing all tasks.